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Only 1 Picture to Let You Know the Update Process from USB2.0 to USB3.2 Products

Let’s talk about the revolution of USB today.

1999.10———USB2.0———480Mbps(USB A/B)

2008.01———USB3.0———5Gbps(USB A/B)

2013.07———USB3.1———10Gbps(USB A/B)

2017.03———USB3.2———20Gbps(Only USB-C double performance with dual-lane operation can make it come true)

But now USB-IF stipulated USB3.0,USB3.1 both belong to USB3.2, see below

Just differentiated from the speed of transmission, it's not easy to remember or even make you more confused. So let's analyze from the electrical aspect to refresh your memory again.

We can also see from above that USB-IF got clear goal, and USB-C will become the only interface in the future. The traditional USB-A, no longer supported by the higher USB communication standard, is doomed to gradually retire from the stage of history.

In fact, it's not just USB-A interface. With the improvement of wireless charging and wireless data transmission technology, the fate of all wired communication and power transmission interfaces, including all USB ports, maybe gone in the future.

In the long run, the USB interface will only serve two purposes: high-power power transmission (100W or more) and digital certificates, which provide authentication and address matching for wireless communications.

Reminder: if you buy USB 3.2 products, like USB cables, main board, hard disk or laptop computer etc., you’d better take care of the detailed generation, otherwise, the transfer rate got numerous difference.


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